Here are some tweets about the situation (or you can read the full article above):

@PAIndependent File this one under “more than a little ridiculous.”Capitol police closed off elevators because of disabled protest. 

@PAIndependent Asked if there is another wrong with the elevators, policeman says “no.” Also, can’t help but notice that the stairs are still open.

@PAIndependent Spokesperson says there have been “incidents in the past” (last year, when disabled protestors closed the hallway outside Gov’s office)

@PAIndependent Asked if today’s protestors have done anything disruptive, spokesperson says no. Admits this is pre-emptive action.

@PAIndependent Spokesperson: “We’re not singling anyone out, but there is a history with this particular group….(1/2)

@PAIndependent (2/2)”….and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate within the guidelines of the operation of the capitol.”

@lauraolson Corbett administration responded to disabled citizens’ event by blocking access to elevators up to gov’s office, citing issues w/ past event

@Capitol_Ideas Photo 1 

@Capitol_Ideas Barricade 1 

@Capitol_Ideas Barricade 2
"It would be bad news on all fronts for college students. They undoubtedly would see tuition increases. Those eligible to receive a state grant would get a smaller award to offset those increases. And they could be forced to deal with bigger class sizes and fewer course or program offerings"
— Article on the Corbett Budget. Please share.

Some responses to Corbett’s new budget from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Erie Times,, The Tribune-Democrat, and the Times Tribune.

We can sum it up for you here: Corbett budget is bad for Pennsylvania.

"We will not spend more than we have…We will not raise taxes."

Tom Corbett.

He won’t raise taxes, he will just cut services til we are left with nothing.

But he likes to omit that he did not add any new taxes and cut services important to Pennsylvanians.

"The annual expenditure per pupil in Pennsylvania is about $10,700. The annual expenditure per prisoner is about $33,000"
— To add insult to injury Corbett increased funding for prisons and cut spending for schools by nearly $1 billion. Read more:
"Pennsylvania was one of two natural-gas producing states that did not enforce the safety rules."
— This sentence was written off as not a big deal by the Associated Press.